LET YOUR VOICE ROAR! The nominations are in. Now it's time to select the winners for the Dallas Observer's 2013 Best of Dallas® poll. Pick your favorite places to dine, drink, shop and more from the lists of readers' suggestions. Voting closes at the end of the day September 9, when all saved ballots will be automatically submitted and tallied.

Every vote is automatically saved, but may be changed up until the close of the contest, at which time all saved votes are submitted for counting.


We forage. We graze. We hunt, and we gather at watering holes. Sometimes, if things work out well at the watering hole, we even mate. Yeah, we're nothing but a bunch of animals in Big D, but that's cool. Just go with it -- and use our 2013 Best of Dallas® issue as a guide to unleashing your inner beast.

It's a big concrete jungle out there, but lucky for you, Dallas Observer writers are here as your wilderness guides, blazing trails to all the best spots to bag a meal, decorate your nest, find kindred animal spirits, dress up your plumage and kick back at a cool watering hole … well, we say watering. More like fluid hole, really. But great ones.

Don't trust just us. We've asked our readers to nominate some of their favorite people and places in Dallas for this year's readers poll, and now it's time to winnow down their nominees to the winners. Make your picks for the Best of Dallas® from the list below. You can change your choice up until voting ends at the end of the day September 9, when all saved ballots will be automatically submitted and tallied. Then check out our special 2013 Best of Dallas® issue on September 26 to see who won.

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