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CLUE US IN! We've all encountered timeless works of cinematic art that reach across the years to touch the soul, enrich our lives and give us a glimpse of life's greater meaning. This year's annual Best of Dallas© just happens to coincide with the 20th anniversary of one such movie masterpiece. We're talking, of course, about Clueless. Keep your Bergman and your Kurosawa. Give us this classic about the things in life that really matter – shopping, laughs, beauty, youth. Plus more shopping. And parties.

Throw in some food and sport, and it's a lot like our annual Best of Dallas issue©.


Help us celebrate Big D and honor a film that touched us deeply with its story of true butt-crazy loveof all the things we think matter most. Drop us a clue to your choicest parts of Dallas in our readers' poll. The first round of voting to nominate your favorites ends August 5. Fill in your top choices, then come back to this site beginning August 13 to pick the winners from your nominees for Best of Dallas® 2015.

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