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It’s a divided nation in a divided election year, but there’s one thing we can all agree on — the people in Dallas deserve to be recognized for the great things they do. We at the Dallas Observer accept this grave responsibility, as a civic duty and a proud tradition befitting of a cornerstone of the community.

You buyin’ this flag-waving stuff so far? Good.  

Look, we know it. You know it. Dallas is already pretty great and doesn't need that "again." But a certain presidential candidate has shown that people are strangely attracted to the notion of making something "great again," so we borrowed the line for the year’s Best of Dallas® theme. Ripped it off, actually, which seems appropriate.

So, let's make Dallas great again, or at least remind ourselves why Big D is now and forever grand. Help us create Best of Dallas®, an indispensible guide to the best nightlife, culture, food and shopping  the city offers. Like any great candidacy, and the bad ones too, the first step to success is being nominated. That process has begun, and every vote matters.

The primary round of voting to nominate your favorites ends August 3. Fill in your top choices, then come back to this site beginning August 11 to pick the winners from your top nominees for Best of Dallas® 2016.

Just be careful what and whom you nominate. You never know who’s going to win…if given the chance.

Best of Dallas® Hits Stands September 22, 2016

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